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Be the Good Soil Mark 4:1-20

Year 3G 2022 - 2023

Mrs Gill

Welcome back to the last term of the school year! We hope you enjoyed your half term break and were able to enjoy the wonderful weather too!

What will we be learning?


Maths will focus on the 4 operations + - x and ÷. They will learn the short, written methods for addition, multiplication and division. We will also be looking at adding and subtracting fraction amounts.

four operations.jpgfour operations.jpg

Make sure you are practising your Mad Minutes at home!


In English, the children will reinforce their understanding of poetry, recognising the features that are required when writing a poem. They will be introduced to Roald Dahl’s play about The Witches and look at the difference in layout and dialogue writing. We will also be focussing on Poetry this term. The children will reinforce what they already know and identify the different features in a poem.

The Witches.jpg


In History, we will be carrying on from Spring 2 where we looked at the Roman invasion and we will understand the impact they had on our local area. The area we will be focusing on will be Chester where the Romans had a huge impact and influence.



Forces and Magnets is the Science topic for this term. They will look at the properties of magnets and how they work, as well as their everyday use of forces such as pushing, pulling and twisting.



In RE, we will focus on the Lord's Prayer. We will think about the meaning of each line in the prayer and consider the importance of this. The children will even write their own prayer using key vocabulary from the Lord's Prayer. 

The Lords Prayer.jpg

Important reminders

  • PE kits must be in school every day
  • Book bags must be in school every day
  • Spelling and mad minutes should be practised everyday 
  • Try to read with your child everyday and ask them questions about the book they have read
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and handed in every Thursday

Many thanks,

Year 3 team.   



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