Easter Egg Hatching Experience

Hatching Ducklings

Unforgettably beautiful and utterly sweet-natured, there are not many sights guaranteed to melt the heart faster than newly hatched ducklings.

Here at St Peter's, we were very fortunate to have 10 duck eggs arrive - 5 for the Early Years as part of their Spring Topic, and 5 for the school hall, where all children could see their development from eggs to ducklings.

Ducks love water from shortly after they hatch. The can swim for the first time in their lives in a suitable water container, which is fascinating to watch. See them go from tentatively exploring to very quickly and confidently diving and whizzing about! Watching their natural instincts kick in is truly amazing and very moving to witness. God's creatures really are... truly amazing!

Have a look at some of the photos and videos below...



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