Nursery 2021 - 2022

Mrs Andrews



At St Peter's, our Nursery department prides itself on exceptional pastoral care and guidance. Our trained Nursery staff ensure a carefully monitored programme of activities that are focused around improving your child’s learning and development. The early years of a child’s life are crucial. At our Nursery we work hard to make every day special for our young children in preparation for the transition into the main school.

St Peter's Nursery staff monitor the progress of their children through the Early Years Foundation stages (EYFS).
As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, we complete work within 7 areas of learning and development. These are divided into prime areas (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language) and specific areas (Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.)

With access to dedicated facilities both indoor and outdoors, staff create a learning bond that allows children to grow and develop safely, reassuring parents that their child is in a safe learning environment and will be academically confident as they transition into mainstream education.


As this first term begins we would like to welcome all of our families who have joined us at St Peter's this year. We have enjoyed meeting you all and look forward to a busy, fun and exciting year ahead.

  This term our topic will be ‘All About Me’. We are currently getting to know your children and finding out their interests, likes and personalities, we will then be using this knowledge to support your children in their next steps of learning.

In RE we are starting the topic 'I am Special’. We will be asking questions like: How do we know that we are special in the eyes of God? How do we know that God is our Heavenly Father? Why are our names important?

Our first book this term will be ‘Happy to Be Me’ By Emma Dodd.  Throughout the term we will be listening to stories, singing nursery rhymes, learning to recognise numbers, counting a number of objects, counting forwards and backwards, recognising our names and learning all the school routines. These are all things that children can do at home with parents and older siblings.

 If you have any questions about your child starting Nursery or how to help your child at home, then please do not hesitate to speak to any of the Nursery staff. Thank you for your support.



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