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Anti-Bullying Week - November 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 4th Nov 2019 @ 1:05pm

This morning for Anti-Bullying Week, we were lucky enough to have an Anti-Bullying Drama, presented to the whole school, based on the story of ‘David & Goliath’ 1 Samuel 17. The children learnt about the story and discussed how David believed in himself and did not let the bullies win.

Remembrance collective worship - November 2019 , by Miss Hulse

Date: 1st Nov 2019 @ 10:18am

This morning, we were lucky enough to have Reverend Margaret Smith, Rochdale Town Chaplain, to deliver our collective worship. She spoke all about remembrance and the important of the body. The children were reflective and thought about the important of remembering those to have sadly died during wars. 

Jesus Feeds the 5000, by Miss Kelly

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 3:53pm

In RE we have been learning all about Harvest, we listened to the story of Jesus Feeds the 5000 and discussed how important it is to share food with others. We then acted out the story, sharing some yummy bread! One of us pretended to be Jesus, and the rest of us were his disciples. 

During our reflection rtime we thanked God for everything we have.

Owl Babies, by Miss Kelly

Date: 18th Oct 2019 @ 3:35pm

Today we had some very special visitors, Sarah, Percy and Bill from Owl Babies came to our school! We learnt lots of different facts about owls; did you know that they have different coloured eyes depending on when they are awake, not all owls are nocturnal and some owls meow, woof and ribbit! 

What a lovely way to end our Owl Babies topic!

Church - October 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 14th Oct 2019 @ 11:21am

This morning, Year 6 walked with their special friends in Reception, to join Rev. Watkinson for our church service. Here the children sung songs, read passages (Exodus 16:1-3, Exodus 16:11-15 and Exodus 17:1-7) and thought about how we should be thankful for all we have in this world, including food. The children then read aloud their own prayers to thank God. 

NSPCC - October 2019 , by Miss Hulse

Date: 1st Oct 2019 @ 5:04pm

This morning, the children were able to take part in an assembly hosted by the NSPCC. The children discussed the worries they might face in life and growing up and discussed who they could share these worries with at home and school. 

Special Friends - September 2019 , by Miss Hulse

Date: 20th Sep 2019 @ 4:46pm

Year 6 had a fantastic time meeting their 'Special Friends' in Reception, this afternoon. Each child was paired up with a Reception child and spent the afternoon getting to know them and what they enjoy doing whilst in Reception. The Year 6 children will make weekly visits to spend time with their 'Special Friend', help with their learning and have fun!  

100% Attendance Assembly - July 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 17th Jul 2019 @ 4:01pm

Well done to all of the children who received 100% attendance for the Summer Term. You have done amazingly well! A special well done to those children who have managed to achieve 100% throughout the year. This is a fantastic achievement! 

Star of the Year - July 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 16th Jul 2019 @ 9:53am

This morning, we celebrated our ‘Stars of the Year’ well done to the children who received the amazing award!

St Peter's Day in Reception , by Miss Kelly

Date: 4th Jul 2019 @ 12:36pm

We had so much fun celebrating the life of St Peter! We learnt that St Peter was a fisherman, and used the fishing nets in the water tray to catch our own fish. We were lucky enough to watch a magic show, and learnt some circus skills. At the end of the busy day, we had a nice ice cream to cool us down.

Y6 and Reception World Environment Day - June 2019, by Mrs Molloy

Date: 6th Jun 2019 @ 3:55pm

For World Environment Day, Year 6 joined their special friends in Reception to complete two different activities.

In the morning, we explored the woodland walk. Whilst on the walk, we were on the hun for mini beasts. Luckily, we found quite a few!

In the afternoon, we worked in small groups to create a 'garden of many hands'. This was linked to The Bible story - Nehemiah 1:1-7:3 Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem.

Take at look at the photographs...

The Creepy Crawly Roadshow in Reception, by Miss Milburn

Date: 6th Jun 2019 @ 3:03pm

The Creepy Crawly Roadshow came into Reception today!

The children really enjoyed getting the chance to see the mini-beasts and hold them!

Church service - 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 20th May 2019 @ 12:35pm

Year 6 and Reception had a lovely time at church this morning singing songs, saying prayers and learning about Ascension and Pentecost. 

STEM Presentations - April 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 28th Apr 2019 @ 5:24pm

On Friday, each year group presented their STEM project to the rest of the school with real success. It was clear that each class had had a fantastic time linking science, technology, engineering and mathematics together to answer a big question inspired from the Bible. 

100% attendance - April 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 7th Apr 2019 @ 3:42pm

Well done to all of the children who received a certificate and an Easter egg for gaining 100% attendance for the Spring term - brilliant!

Church - March 2019 , by Miss Hulse

Date: 1st Apr 2019 @ 11:39am

We had a wonderful service this morning, thinking about the Easter story and the sacrifice Jesus made. We thanked God for this and understood how his message can be used all over the world to help those most in need. 

Judaism in Reception!, by Miss Milburn

Date: 21st Mar 2019 @ 2:24pm

This week for Faith week we have been celebrating Judaism. Jeremy came in to visit us, he brought in clothing that Jewish people wear when praying, these included the Kippah and Tallit.

We also discussed the simularities and differences between Jewish and Christian beliefs and routines.


Whole School Worship with Reverend Watkinson- March 2019, by Miss Mulkeen

Date: 11th Mar 2019 @ 4:39pm

Spring 1 Church Service - February 2019, by Mr Jolly

Date: 14th Feb 2019 @ 3:37pm

We did and learnt lots of things in church:

  • listened to prayers;
  • sang hymns;
  • read prayers about courage and faith;
  • listened to a Bible story about Jesus walking on water; and
  • watched a Bible story video

Church - February 2019, by Miss Hulse

Date: 12th Feb 2019 @ 10:35am

Year 6 and Reception had a wonderful visit to church this morning, we looked at the value of courage and reflected upon how we can use this in our own lives. 

Church Service - December 2018, by Miss Hulse

Date: 4th Dec 2018 @ 10:50am

Year 6 and Reception had a lovely time at church yesterday, saying prayers, singing songs and saying thank you to God for the gift of Jesus. 

Christmas Service at St. Peter’s Church, Reception and Year 6 - December 2018, by Mrs Molloy

Date: 3rd Dec 2018 @ 2:38pm

Today, Y6 went to church partnered up with their special friends from Reception. The service was all about the birth of Jesus. We heard Bible readings, sang Christmas Carols, watched videos and said prayers.

Church - October 2018 , by Miss Hulse

Date: 16th Oct 2018 @ 2:13pm

Year 6 really enjoyed walking their Special Friend to church this morning ready for a service all about being the good soil. 

Special Friends - September 2018, by Miss Hulse

Date: 14th Sep 2018 @ 6:18pm

Year 6 and Reception had a wonderful afternoon meeting their special friends. 

EYFS Sports Day , by Mrs Fletcher

Date: 13th Jul 2018 @ 8:42am

We had lots of fun during our EYFS Sports Day. A big thank you to all parents and carers who came along to support the children 

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