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5th - 9th March 2018, St Peter's were very lucky to be given the challenge of STEM week. This was the first year, we have had a STEM week in school and the children were certainly challenged and lots of fun was had by all!

What is STEM?
STEM is the future. It links the subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths together; this gives us the opportunity to greatly enjoy building our knowledge through some amazing activities and projects.

Within this special week children were given a different Easter challenge that would promote their problem solving skills, the children had to use their knowledge of all four subjects and logical thinking to solve challenges.

Nursery's challenge was Easter Slime. Here, the children had to fill different sized plastic eggs with a variety of slime, finding some much more difficult than others.  


In Reception, children had to gather up their plastic eggs and see how high they could build a tower, the children then measured their towers, some were amazingly high using up to 30 egg halves!


Year 1

The children in Year 1 were focusing on jellybean structures! The children were investigating what they could build out of jelly beans and toothpicks – they came up with some fantastic ideas.


Year 2
Year 2's challenge was plastic egg races! The children had to aswer the question - How well do eggs roll? They used different ramps to race the plastic eggs, testing which one was most successful after changing the angle. The children then challeneged themselves further by seeing what would happen if they added an object into the egg. Year 2 found out that the heavier the egg, the further it rolled.  


Year 3
In Year 3, the children were completing the egg drop challenge, here the children had to design a structure that would keep the egg safe once it was dropped from a height. Some of the designs worked whilst others did not. This allowed Year 3 the opportunity to evaluate their work and decide on the best design to protect their egg.


Year 4
The children in Year 4 were creating plastic egg eruptions. The children had to fill the halves of plastic eggs with a tablespoon of baking soda, and then they use food colouring and vinegar to make mini eruptions with a dropper. The children recorded their results and made some great recordings, using all of this the children then created their own story board.


Year 5
Year 5’s challenge, was to create rubber eggs. The children had to see if they could make an egg bounce. They added vinegar to a real egg and recorded the reaction that took place. Over the week, the shell of the egg dissolved and the children were not left with a raw egg but instead a rubber egg that would bounce!


Year 6
Year 6 had to the challenge of designing an egg catapult. The children used a range of materials to build a catapult that would launch a plastic egg, once built the children found the average distance for each catapult then recorded their findings on graphs, this allowed the children to see which design was the best. Year 6 then experimented further with their catapult designs observing what would happen if there were an object added inside the egg.


All classes took part so please do ask them all about it. The whole school worked so hard to complete all the tasks. We ended the week, with each class presenting their findings in assembly, so please look at our gallery item! 

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