We are currently in the process of achieving the Primary Science Quality Mark 'Silver Award' in recognition of the outstanding Science work we do at St Peter's.

Please continue reading to find out all about the exciting science that has been happening in school.

'Celebrating a commitment to excellence in primary science'


'Pirate Science'

We had a 'Pirate Science' themed week in January. This involved every class investigating a different part of pirate science and a visit from a real pirate! Our investigations involved testing the PH levels of different fuit, using magnets to find treasure, experimenting with floating, sinking and density and looking at aerodynamics.

Jodrell Bank

Year 5 went to Jodrell Bank as part of their topic all about space. Go to the year 5 page to view their gallery and see what a wonderful time they had!

Science Materclass

6 lucky children from years 5 and 6 had the chance to go to Manchester Museum for a 'Science Masterclass' this term. They took part in investigations and discussions with other children from around Greater Manchester.

Museum of Science and Industry

In November Year 3 went on a trip to Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry. Go to their class page to view their gallery and see what they got up to.

Autumn Leaves

Year 1 went for a stroll around our woodland walk to collect autumn leaves as part of their topic on seasons. See their gallery on their class page.

Fossil Investigations

Year 3 have been finding and making fossils in science as part of their topic on rocks. See their class page for pictures of their investigations.

Beautiful Butterflies

Year 2 had their own caterpillars in class as part of their topic all about animals. They watched there metamorphasise into butterflies and finally resealsed them to migrate to Africa for the winter. Go to the Year 2 class pages to see their gallery.

What on Earth...?

We had another Science Week in the summer term. This one all about the questions 'What on Earth...?'.

Each year group investigated a different question, such as 'What on Earth is water?' and 'Waht on Earth are fossils?'. Everybody also looked at the question 'What on Earth are we?'.

There was a special assembly to start off the week and everybody had a great time doing lots of investigation. The children also had the oportunity to share what they had found out in an assembly at the end of the week.

Please see the pictures below of the fantastic time we had.

Easter Chicks

We were lucky enough to see eggs hatch in to chicks in school in the Spring term. The children enjoyed watching them hatch and listening to them sing along in assembly! The gallery has lots of pictures for you to look at.

Manchester City of Science

As part of the celebration of Manchester being the City of Science we had a week of science in school. Every class learnt about a different famous British scientist and conducted an investigation based on their work.

We also had a special science assembly and workshops with a forensic scientist!

Look at the pictures at the bottom of the page to see more of what we did.

Even More Science

To see more about what has been going on in science across the school, please go to the class pages.

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