Problem Solving

What an exciting week had by all!

St Peter's were joined by the Happy Puzzle Company on 17th-18th May 2016 when children were challenged to use their logical and mathematical reasoning to solve problems. Lots of fun was had by all - please see the PowerPoint below for images of these days.


This special week to promote problem solving and reasoning skills began with an assembly led by Miss Hardman (see the Prezi slides below), where all classes were asked to solve numerous problems focussing on different skills. This included a problem involving McDonalds and chicken nuggets!!!

The problem solving skills for each year group to focus on were:

  • Year N/R - Make a model (or use apparatus/equipment)

  • Year 1 – Draw a picture/diagram

  • Year 2 – Look for a pattern

  • Year 3 – Act it out or use concrete materials

  • Year 4 – Produce an organised list/table

  • Year 5 – Guess, check and improve

  • Year 6 – Reason logically/Make a conjecture & test it with particular examples


The whole school worked so hard to improve WORKING TOGETHER & USING MATHEMATICAL LANGUAGE TO REASON.

The week ended with a celebration assembly, attended by Mr Maurice Smith (Director of Education for Manchester Diocese), of all the learning that had taken place throughout the week, including lots of solutions to our chicken nugget problem. What a fabulous week of learning!

St Peter's has such a proud Subject Leader of Mathematics. Keep up the reasoning children!

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