Year 5N 2017 - 2018

Miss Nuttall

Spring One

In Maths we will be continuing to look at place value with counting in powers of 10, negative numbers and rounding numbers to 1 million.  We will then be looking at mental addition and subtraction incorporating our knowledge of place value.  Then we will be looking at line graphs including plotting co-ordinates. We will also be learning about multiplication, division and fractions.

In English this half term we will be starting off looking at poems. The children will be using the classic Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats to develop their descriptive vocabulary. The children will end this unit writing and editing their own poem. We will then move on to look at a non-fiction unit; this will include looking at argument and debate texts, discussing the differences between fact and opinion. We will hold our very own class debate and then write an argument text.

Our science unit will cover Earth and Space for this half term. The topic will include proving that the Earth moves around the sun; that the moon moves around the Earth; and that the seasons, and day and night are all a consequence of these movements. We will use our science investigation skills to prove this.


For R.E., Year 5 will learn to understand the importance of Jesus’ teaching and the impact it has on us today. We will learn, discuss and reflect on what we have been taught and will teach to others in our life that is important, just as Jesus did.


Our topic work will move towards Geography, by investigating the big question ‘How is our country changing?’ We will investigate different events that have affected the UK over the last century.

In Computing, Year 5 are being coders. DT will begin with a new project on alarms. Art moves on to looking at landscapes, focusing in on the work of Eileen Downes.

May I remind you that although Year 5 are scheduled to have indoor P.E. on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and outdoor P.E. on a Friday, kit should be in school at all times in case on any last minute changes.


Autumn Two

In English, we are looking at Biographies and autobiographies of Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo.  We will be looking at dialogue, and complex sentences.  We will follow this with exploring recounts investigating UFO sightings, completing this unit with a report.  Finally moving on to looking at some Observational poetry.


In Maths we will start with place value, decimals and subtraction. This will be followed up with a week each on measures, fractions and a combination of all of the four number operations.  We will also be looking at Roman Numerals relating to years.

Our science unit will continue with our current work on life cycles. We will now begin to compare each stage of the life cycles and finish with a final write up comparing all of the stages.


For R.E. Year 5 will explore Christmas around the world, comparing different ways Christian celebrate this special time of the year.  We will be exploring how different countries celebrate, and their traditions.


In computing, the children will design, write and debug a programme making a computer game software.  

Our topic work will move on to Geography, we will be looking at what life is like in the Amazon.  We will be researching the city of Manaus, and look at how we can help to save the Rainforest for the future.


In French, we will be looking at writing sentences using adjectives.  Then we will be looking at looking at different animals, and what would appear in different rooms of the home.

In design and technology will continue our theme on Cam toys where we have currently built up to the design stage and will start to make these over the next few weeks.

Art moves on to looking at painting and surrealism art, with a particular focus on Salvador Dali’s ‘Melting Clocks’.

May I remind you that although Year 5 are scheduled to have indoor P.E. on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and outdoor P.E. on a Friday, kit should be in school at all times in case on any last minute changes.

Welcome back to the new school year!

We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and you are ready for the exciting year we have planned for you, here at St Peter’s.

In English, we will begin with reading classic fiction: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The children will explore many of his stories, including his very famous Just So. The children will learn to punctuate direct speech correctly and use this in a narrative piece of writing. They will also develop their sentence structure, specifically looking at subordinate and relative clauses. The final project is for the children to create a Just So Story of their own. Later in the term, we will move on to our non- fiction unit of UFO recounts. The children will look at report writing, finally creating their own recount. We will finish the term looking at biographies and autobiographies. We will look at the text features, developing sentence structure and exploring noun phrases.

In Maths, we will be developing our understanding of the four number operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Some other topics we will look at are: shape, place value and money.

In Science, the children will describe the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird, and describe the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. The children will also have the chance to work scientifically whilst we explore these objectives.


Our Art unit looks at developing sketching techniques, specifically Cezanne’s Still Life artwork.

In D&T, we will be exploring working mechanisms. We will then move on to planning and making our own moving toy.

Our History topic will explore the world of the Maya, and especially why most of the Maya seemed to die out around 900 ad.

RE focuses on the Bible. We will be developing the children’s understanding of the importance and impact of the contents of the Bible to Christians.

Computing will see us becoming cryptographers!

The French topic involves months of the year, clothing and being able to share how we are feeling.

Music will explore our community from past to present using a range of instruments.


Dance for 5N will be on a Monday afternoon and for 5M it will be on Wednesday afternoon.

Gym will be on a Tuesday morning for both classes.

Outdoor P.E will be on a Friday afternoon for both classes.

Please can we ask that PE kits are in school to enable the children to participate.


Homework will be given out each Friday and is expected back in school on Thursday.

Learning Logs

Learning logs are an on-going project which should be worked on throughout the half- tem.

Spellings and Times tables

Spellings and times tables will be tested every Friday.

Class Assembly

Our class assembly will be on Thursday 21st September, here are some songs we will be learning.

Bare Necessities up to the instrumental: 


Year 5N: News items

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Year 5N: Gallery items

Canal and River Safety, by Miss Mulkeen

Creating our moving toys., by Miss Nuttall

Attendance Assembly , by Miss Hulse

Year 5N: Events items

Church Visits, by Mr Wood

Church Visits, by Mr Wood

5N Class Assembly , by Mr Wood

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