Year 5M 2018 - 2019

Miss Mulkeen

Spring 2

In English this half term we will be looking at ‘Short!’ by K. Crossley- Holland. This book is a collection of short stories which investigates the use of adverbials to link sentences and paragraphs. The children will end this unit writing their own spooky story. For the second week of this half- term we will be focusing on ‘The Jungle Book’, by Rudyard Kipling, for Book Week. D. Wiesner’s narrative book ‘Tuesday’ will be used to study report writing. The children will use both direct and reported speech, the use of formal and informal writing including the use of passive voice

In Maths we will start with place value, an essential part of mathematicians work, consolidating what we have learnt previous and looking at solving problems. This will be followed up with a week of measurement: area, perimeter and volume. A big focus after this will be on multiplication and fractions.


For our Science unit, Year 5 will cover forces. The topic will explore the effect gravity has on humans and objects on Earth; identify the effects of friction, air resistance and water resistance and investigate mechanisms and how they can help us in the world in which we live. During the whole unit we will be working scientifically, using equipment to take accurate measurements and recording the results in tables and charts.


For R.E. Year 5 will look at understanding about the Christian belief that Jesus died and rose victoriously and what this means to Christians; focussing on the Easter story in detail. We will think about times in our life when we have been victorious and how this made us feel.

Our topic work will move towards Geography, by investigating the question ‘Where should we go on holiday?'. We will be focussing our investigation on the Alpine region; understanding beyond our local area to include Europe. We will look at the location and characteristics of this region, using maps work, research and investigation to identify human and physical features of this location.


In Computing, Year 5 will be architects. We will research examples of art gallery architecture, before creating their own virtual gallery.

DT will continue with our bread topic. Art moves on to looking at 3- D artwork, focussing on Michelangelo’s famous sculptures. We will investigate him as an artist, techniques he has used and finally creating our own sculpture in the style of Michelangelo.




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