Year 5M 2018 - 2019

Miss Mulkeen

Summer 1

In English this half term, we will be starting off by analysing ‘What Do You Want To Be’ by Wilf Merttens. The children will use Merttens’ style of poetry to plan, write and perform their own poems about hopes for their future careers. Year Five will then move on to a non-fiction unit. During the unit, we will read a selection of fascinating letters, both formal and informal, from different periods of history. The children will learn to recognise and use modal verbs, and find out about the correct use of colons, semi colons and dashes. 

In Maths, the children will be starting the unit with place value, consolidating and deepening their understanding of this. The children will then move onto multiplication and division, including multiplying fractions. Year 5 will finish the term finding the perimeter and area of shapes.

For our Science unit, Year 5 is moving on to our final topic of ‘Changes of Materials’. During this exciting scheme, we will be conducting lots of practical experiments which will deepen our previous knowledge about materials.



Year 5, in RE focuses on the Bible. We will be developing the children’s understanding of the importance and impact of the contents of the Bible to Christians. We will be making connections between Bible passages and Christian values, attitudes and beliefs.


Our topic work will move towards History, by investigating the big question ‘what impact did the Anglo- Saxons have?’ In this unit, the children will explore the world of the Anglo-Saxons, and why they came to Britain.

In Computing Year 5 are being artists. We will begin by making tessellations using a program called Inkscape. The DT topic will begin with a new project on alarms. Art moves on to looking at printing, focusing in on the work of Hokusai.



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Church Visits, by Mr Wood

Church Visits, by Mr Wood

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