Year 4J 2018 - 2019

Mr Jolly

Summer 2

Oh my goodness it’s our final half term of Year 4 and there’s lots to do!  Of course we will continue swimming and there will be the usual end of Year activities such as Sports Day. This year, Year 4 have been chosen to take part in the end of Year Banner Service that will be hosted at St. Michael’s Bamford. It is a special service usually conducted by the Bishop.

 Maths is set to get even more challenging as we start focussing even harder on problem solving and reasoning. We look forward to working together to really show off your maths skills.

 English, is going to be full of performance and life as we look at learning poetry “Off by heart! We shall be sharing ways in which we bring poetry and performance to life to tell the stories within the texts.

Science, will take us on a journey through the digestive system and into our eco systems in terms of food chains. You will look at food chains and how these are affected by our use of the planet and the environmental changes we are all experiencing every day.

Finally, we truly hope that you have all enjoyed your year with us and we look forward to a hard but rewarding final term.

Summer 1

Wow – A new term already! We are very excited about this term and have many things we need to achieve before we are ready for Year 5. This term we will going on not one but two trips!  Firstly, we will be going to 1 Angel Square! Angel Square is the impressive ecological building in Manchester that is now home to the Co-operative’s headquarters. This will really show the children the significant achievements of their very own Rochdale Pioneers. We will also be visiting Gallery Oldham to take part in a Pattern and Print workshop using textiles.

In English we have been debating about Zoos at the moment. Are they good or bad?  We all thought they were fantastic until we began to consider an alternative point of view whilst reading Anthony Browne’s book “Zoo.” We are looking at all points of view and will be writing a balanced argument at the end of the Unit. Later on in the term we will look at the Poems of Edward Lear, (Which are a load of nonsense,) and the Books of David Walliams which are very funny. 

In Maths we continue to challenge and stretch ourselves using problem solving techniques. We have been securing our knowledge of compact subtraction this week. This is a method most parents will probably be familiar with.

In Science we are looking at Animals including Humans. Watch out for the children telling you all about dental hygiene and what foods they should avoid to protect their teeth.

Thank you for your continued support.

Spring 2

Wow! We are now in the fourth half term of Year 4! 

We will begin with a performance poetry unit. We will then use Book Week to study a text called “The lost happy ending” which we will use to base a couple of pieces of writing on. 

In maths, we will be exploring fractions in great detail: what they are; how they are used in everyday life; and adding and subtracting fractions. We will then move on to decimals and investigate the pattern between them.

To kick start our History theme; “How the Victorians Influenced our Local Area,” we will be visiting the Rochdale Pioneers Museum on Toad Lane in our first week. This is where the very first Co-op began in 1844. Look out for the photographs on the gallery page. We will be using all the information we gathered to further our learning in the rest of our history lessons.


In science, Year 4 moves onto living things and their habitats where we will be looking at what all living things have in common. We will then move look at what makes living things different and thing how we can compare them.

Please remember that all children are required to bring their swimming kit on Monday morning including a bathing suit and towel.

Spring 1

Hello and welcome back to school after the Christmas break. We hope parents and children both had a relaxing time throughout the break and it is lovely to see everyone back in school this January.

As always school is very busy and we have lots of exciting things lined up in English. We will start off exploring Emily Gravett’s book: Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears. 

In Maths, we will begin the term by continuing with the theme of multiplication and division. We will begin with mental calculations and move onto formal written methods. In addition, your child has recently been given a log in to a website called Times Table Rock Stars which helps children to practise their times tables in a fun and interactive way. Already, we have seen some impressive scores and improvements but we will hope to see more of this from all in the coming weeks.

Our science theme is Sound: how sounds are made; what a sound is made of; and the patterns in volume and pitch that we associate with this. The Geography topic explores How Water goes Round and Round.

Please help your children to remember their P.E. kits on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday as P.E. is an important part of the curriculum. There is some exciting news ahead; you will soon be receiving a letter about swimming which will begin in early February.

Autumn 2

After a busy first half term we are glad to be back and we are working harder than ever! This half term we will be looking about how the earth can: shake, rattle and roll in geography. This involves earthquakes and volcanos some of this work is already on the website for you to have a look at. Electricity is the topic for science and we have some exciting experiments planned. The children are getting stuck into practical work as well as understanding the importance of being safe and thinking about wasting resources.  

Place value will continue to be a big focus for the start of this half term.  This knowledge underpins everything else we learn about in maths. important! Further to this, we are starting to develop our skills in multiplication and look at challenging problems within all of our topics in maths. Later on this half term, we will explore the four operations in depth.

In English, we are looking at the antics of the infamous Horrid Henry. Towards the end of the term we will begin to look at information texts and how we can best use these. After this, we will move onto looking at information texts and creative image poetry.


Of course there will be a Christmas production for KS2. Year 4 will have a part of course and this year it will is called “Bethlehem”. It is a lovely production with lots of singing, dancing and acting!

Thank you for your continued support.

Year 4 team!

Autumn 1

Hello to all children, parents and carers and welcome to Year 4! We are all refreshed and raring to start new challenging Year 4 themes and topics. In class, we have already been hearing about the interesting things the children have been doing in the holidays. We hope you all enjoyed the time with your children.

The Year 4 team from 2015-16 has been reunited; Mrs Cavill is delighted that Mr. Jolly has returned to Year 4. Mrs Hughes and Mrs Brewer complete the Year 4 team.

Back to school, back to work! In English work on fables has started; the children should be able to tell you some morals of these animal based tales.


In Maths we continue to stretch and challenge the children encouraging them to be able to explain HOW they have found an answer not just to write it

Shortly you will be receiving a letter about our exciting trip to Chester. This supports our learning about the Romans and the impact they had on our lives today. The children will experience life as a Roman in the Dewa museum and even do some marching with a real Roman soldier! More details to follow soon.

 In Science we are studying a chemistry unit looking at the States of Matter. We are looking forward to working with you and your children any questions or enquiries please phone the office for an appointment.

P.E will take place on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please ensure that you have your kit in on these days.

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